Logo Design Services

Affordable, unique logo design services for startup or established businesses, products, promotion and for personal use. The logo design concepts are created and developed from research. They are clean, memorable, versatile and enduring and this is achieved with a simple and appropriate design approach. I don’t just design logos that visually look good, I design appealing logos with meanings to target your audience.

You receive a unique logo based on research, 3 concept variations to choose from, 3 free rounds of changes to 1 of the concepts, a free logo style sheet, a branding example sheet, file types and colour variations, a copyright agreement.

When designing your logo, I take into account the business name, the industry, your target audience, competitors and their logos and colours, your design brief, shapes, fonts and colours and I will also ask supply a few questions which are listed below to help with the design process.

Logo Design Questions 

  • Industry: 
  • Business Name: 
  • Do you have a preference in regards to how the wording needs to appear? 
  • About your business 
  • Where will your logo be used and seen?
  • What should people feel when they see or think of your logo?
  • Do you have a slogan? 
  • Do you have any specific imagery/examples in mind for your logo?
  • Do you know what logo type you are looking at getting? 
  • Do you have any colour preferences?
  • What logos appeal to you and why?

Logo Types

Symbol or Icon

This logo type is like the Apple or Shell logo. It’s a graphic element without the use of words or letters.

Word Mark

A word mark is a styled logo using a font or custom font. Facebook, Disney and Sony are good examples of wordmark logos.

Letter Mark

A letter mark uses the initials or first letters of a business name in an arrangement similar to the Symbol or Icon logo. Good examples are hp, ck, CNN and IBM.

Combination Mark

The combination mark logo combines a wordmark and symbol/icon to create a logo using both graphic elements and styled/custom fonts. Some examples include, Jaguar, Pringles, Adidas and Puma.


The emblem logo includes the business name and graphic elements within a graphic shape. Examples include, Harley-Davidson, NFL and Starbucks Coffee.

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If you would like additional information regarding my customised logo design services, please contact me.